5 Creative gift wrapping ideas

Posted on 31 October 2014 by Galaxy

Buying a gift for someone over the festive season is only half the job. The other half involves wrapping the present. While it’s customary to use a roll of shop-bought wrapping paper, a more special touch is required when jewellery is the chosen gift. Do not assume that this will automatically translate into a lot more work for you. The simplest of ideas often makes the greatest impression.

The following five suggestions for gift wrapping and packaging demonstrates this concept beautifully:

Stack of tins

If the gift you’re giving is made up of a few pieces, put each piece in a tin, then stack the tins and tie them together with a piece of ribbon. To create visual interest, choose tins in descending sizes. You’ll stack the tins with the largest one at the bottom and then continue until the smallest one is at the top. This sort of stacking will work well for a watch, necklace and earring set.

Home-made gift boxes

To make your own gift boxes, visit a craft shop or packaging supplier. You’ll find flat, ready-made material on their shelf that only needs a fold or two to transform into a box.

The extras needed for decoration will be found at the same place – get creative with stamps, glitter, ribbon and whatever else catches your fancy.

Washi tape is very popular now and it comes in hundreds of beautiful prints. Just pick your favourite and start taping the box or bag used to gift the jewellery in.

Fabric pouches

If you’re comfortable with a needle and thread, make a fabric pouch for the jewellery you’re giving as a gift.

All you’ll need are two pieces of fabric, one slightly longer than the other. Put the pieces on top of each other and sew together, leaving open the side with the longer piece of fabric.

This longer piece will fold over to close the pouch. Slide the jewellery in, then finish off with a wide satin ribbon tied into a bow.

Babushka gift

Babushka dolls are those famous Russian dolls that fit into each other. Follow the same principle when wrapping a piece of jewellery by putting the box it comes in, in a bigger box.

You can add as many boxes as you like. Wrap each box in a different colour or pattern to keep the unwrapping interesting for the receiver.

Jewellery with a little extra

Small pieces of jewellery can be gifted in wooden boxes and padded with quirky elements. You can use sweets or any other small edible treat the recipient likes, or flowers or petals.

Alternatively, use glitter, confetti or similar bought from a craft shop. Whatever you choose, it’ll put an unexpected spin on the gift.

These ideas are sure to make that precious piece of jewellery you’re gifting even more memorable.