Gifts for a mother worth her weight in gold

Posted on 11 June 2014 by Galaxy

On Sunday, the 11th of May, it is once again time to dote on the first lady in your life your mother. Make Mother's Day 2014 one she'll always remember by spoiling her with the most perfect gift.

A mother's love knows no end

Remember all the times she nursed your colds or patched you up after a nasty fall? She packed your lunches, helped with your homework, and steered you in the right direction whilst watching you grow. A mother's love is truly eternal. A great way to show her your gratitude for all the years of love and attention is to spoil her with an eternity ring - a perfect symbol of your eternal bond. Make her day extra special by showing her you remember all the little things she did to keep you happy - present her gorgeous ring over a meal of the childhood favourites she used to cook for you.

A mother's job is never done

Let's face it, despite growing up; facing the professional world; and even starting a family of your own, in the eyes of your mother, you are forever her adorable baby. A mother never stops caring, never stops worrying, and never stops giving her time and love to support her family.

Since your mother is thinking of you always, celebrate her never-ending love by giving her a token of your eternal appreciation. An elegant wristwatch is not only a beautiful accessory to spoil her with this Mother's Day; it will also serve as a reminder of your love whenever she checks the time. For an extra special touch, engrave the back of the watch so she carries your loving message with her wherever she goes.

A mother always knows best

Mom always knew where you left your shoes; Mom always knew how to cheer you up on rainy days; and Mom knew what to say when your first love broke your heart. Even as an adult, you know you can always turn to your mother for support and advice when you're at a loss. She knows everything, from how to remove a beetroot stain to how you should word your CV.

Perhaps this Mother's Day is the perfect time to give her a token of appreciation for her golden wisdom. What better way to thank your mom for all her loving guidance than a sophisticated gold chain or bracelet. A lady of her superior standard deserves no less than the best.

A mother supports unconditionally

Think of all the times when you just needed someone to believe in you. Think of the encouragement you've had in your life. Chances are your mother has been your number one supporter through thick and thin. Your mother doesn't care whether you come in first or last. She will always be the one cheering you on.

This Mother's Day it's your turn to be her number one fan. Spend a day doing all her favourite things. Take her out for a meal at her favourite restaurant, or stay in and have a marathon of watching her favourite movies. To show her what an exceptional lady she is, give her a beautiful ring or pendant set with her special birth stone, or a very unique pair of silver earrings you know she'll love.

A mother is the heart of her home

All the daddies out there - take note. Your mother is not the only life-giving lady deserving of love. Thank the mother of your children for the wonderful gift she brought to your world this Mother's Day by spoiling her with the eternal token of love, the diamond. Look out for our gorgeous range of diamond jewellery on promotion especially for Mother's day, and choose a special something she can treasure forever.

Whichever way you decide to spoil the mothers in your life this year, be sure to make Mother's Day 2014 a celebration of her love, as well as an opportunity to show your appreciation.