How to buy him the perfect watch for Christmas

Posted on 31 October 2014 by Galaxy

Watches will never go out of style, even if we can just use our cellphones to tell the time. A watch is the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Both stylish and functional, a watch is a favourite accessory with men, even with those who are too manly to accessorise.

While a watch makes for a great gift, choosing the perfect one can be tricky. Do you go for simplistically sophisticated or rugged and ready for action?

It depends on the man he is.

Show him that you know and appreciate who he is by picking out the perfect watch to go with his style, personality and lifestyle.

Style vs. function

A watch isn’t a mere trinket, but it is also more than just its functional use. Finding that balance is very important, but where that balance lies is different for every man. While no man wants to walk around with an eye-sore on his wrist, for some men it’s preferable that function is given precedence. Some men don’t want even want to be seen looking as if they care all that much about style. For other men, having a stylish watch is just as important as having a useful one, if not more so.

Take your cue from how the man in question usually presents his person. Is being fashionable important to him, or does he prefer the no-frills approach?

Special features

A watch can do so much more than tell the time. Some mens watches are simplistic in their function, while others come with extra features from monitoring your heartbeat to telling the time in New York.

The features you choose in a watch should be useful to the person wearing them. Get your cues from his hobbies and lifestyle.  Whether he’s a fitness freak, outdoor enthusiast, or ocean lover, find a watch that will be an extension the life he’s living.


A watch can do much more than tell the time…or not. While some men love gizmos and gadgets, other men won’t appreciate it. He might be the type of man who would love to feel like Iron Man, with a watch that comes complete with calculator, digital camera and e-mail applications. Or he might prefer something simpler.

Think about how he feels about gadgets in general. Is he always the first person to get the latest Apple device, or does he take pride in having only what he needs?

He is sure to appreciate whatever watch you buy him. But if you put a little thought into the process, and consider the type of man he is, this will show in your purchase. And it would mean a lot to him.

So whether he is quirky, stylish, outdoorsy or tech-minded – make sure you find a watch that takes into account the man you know him to be.