Time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day

Posted on 23 January 2015 by Galaxy

It’s time to get yourself ready for roses, hearts and Cupid. Valentine’s Day is in less than a month and it’s time to start planning what you would like to do to celebrate your partner. The good news is Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, so you’ll have a whole day to show your partner how much you appreciate everything they do for you.

Where you’ll be

If you feel like really treating your love this year, how about taking them away for the weekend?

There are so many good travel deals available at the moment for both local and international trips. Why not pack just the essentials into a bag and get away from the stresses of city life. Imagine being able to escape to the mountains or beach, with no cellphone signal, and spend a few days relaxing with your partner with no interruptions.

Where you’ll eat

South Africa is home to numerous excellent restaurants. Two Cape Town based restaurants - The Test Kitchen in Woodstock and The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Français in Franschhoek - were recognised on last year’s list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. There are also plenty of more affordable options which pack a major flavour punch. Remember to find out what your loved one’s favourite cuisines are before picking a restaurant.

If you’re in Johannesburg and they love Italian food, go to Satori in Linen for their delicious creamy pastas and thin-based pizzas. If you’re in the Pretoria area and love meat, consider a trip to Puttanesca for their mouth-watering steak. And if you’re in the Durban area, choose to go for an authentic curry at Capsicum Restaurant at the Britannia Hotel. Take your partner to one of these special locations for a night they will never forget.

What you’ll give

One gift which is always sure to please is jewellery. Both men and women will enjoy unwrapping a little box containing something glitzy on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to check out what jewellery your partner wears on a daily basis and on special occasions to get a feel for their taste. Remember, the jewellery we choose to wear is a very personal decision and you won’t want to get this wrong. Browse online and in-store for popular options and try to imagine how they’ll fit in with your loved one’s style.

With these tips you should have a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day planned in no time at all.